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Quick Profiles:

Media Research:
My research is at the intersection of art, communication, and technology in contemporary postmodern visual culture.


Media Production:
President of Angry Duck Productions, an LLC in Utah.


Technology & Administration:
Currently Director Of Digital Technology for the School of Mass Communication.


Media Production & Research Experiences

I have produced several video documentaries and projects, as well as developed and maintained web sites and many other digital media activities. Here are a few example:

| New Media Wing Documentary | Alf Engen Ski Museum |

Angry Duck Productions, LLC

I founded Angry Duck Productions, which is an LLC wholly owned by the University of Utah. This is the latest incarnation of an idea where the College of Fine Arts accepts for hire digital media projects from other University units and the community. The projects are staffed by university faculty supervising student employees. With this concept, we have produced numerous large and small projects for various clients over the years.  They range from an exhibit for the Alf Engen Ski Museum on Park City, UT to our most recent project: a DVD for BabyJock, LLC to encourage young children to be involved in sports. Download Connect Article (Jan/2008).

Center for Interdisciplinary Art & Technology

CIDAT (http://cidat.finearts.utah.edu) exists to promote, encourage and support the integration of innovative technologies and collaboration within the various visual and performing arts as well as between the arts and the sciences, thereby reframing creative inquiry, artistic practice and pedagogy for the 21st century. As the Technology Coordinator for the Center, I was a primary conduit for innovation and collaboration between all participating researchers. I managed the computer technology: purchasing, installation, and maintenance, as well as other audio, video, and networking technology needs. Research projects I supported ranged from interactive video technologies (Isadora, Max/MSP/Jitter) to multi-site collaborations over Internet 2.

Center for High Performance Computing

As Research Associate for the CHPC, I was involved in a number of arts-based technology research projects.  Projects included the Association of Dance and Performance Telematics (ADaPT), an inter-university association of artists, technologists and scholars from five educational institutions dedicated to performance and media in ‘telematic’ space using Internet 2, and the Symposium on Arts and Technology - Arts of the Virtual: Poetic Inquiries in Time, Space, and Motion on this campus in October 2004 (http://www.artstechsymposium.utah.edu). Guests included Marcos Novak (Transarchitecture), Krzysztof Wodiczko (video/architecture/object), and George Lewis (music, electronics).